Breaking in Integrated amp with DAC

My integrated amp has a built in DAC and I'm wondering if any DAC break in occurs when the integrated amp is just "on" without music playing or whether or not music has to actively being running through the DAC section for break in to occur?
I can't find the thread in the archives but I was told by other members before that a signal must be going through the DAC for break-in to occur. Normally what I do if the DAC has a USB input I will connect my laptop to it play various music and break-in tracks.
You need to play music (or whatever - i use white noise), to break it in. Also, unless its tube or class a, you should probably leave it on all the time. They usually say in the manual if leaving it on is OK. If not, ask the company just to be safe.
Makes sense guys. That is what I was thinking but wasn't for
sure about it. Thanks for the help!