Breaking in new speakers, what is your favorite music for this?

I have new L/C/R speakers in my home theater and listening to a variety of music and movies to break them in.   Looking for suggestions regarding your favorite tracks/albums to try out on new speakers in the following genres:

  1. - Rock music, 70's/80's
  2. - Jazz, like saxophone heavy primarily instrumental
  3. - Classical, violin or piano
  4. - movies
  5. - all-time favorite, regardless of genre


Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.




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I've always done it the old fast way....just listening. I enjoy listening to the change in a new component.  


If you want a good recommendation for a reference, Ray Brown "Soular Energy" is a goodun.

@pdreher I have them as digital files looping through my Aurender, but not sure they’re available on streaming. There are a few other noise loop albums on Tidal and Qobuz though. 

Rock is the one I will use, if you don’t have burn in cd like xlo burn in cd.