Breaking in of CD player?

Bought a Sony ES5400 cdp. Online writeups all talk about need for breaking in. So what do I actually do to accomplish this? In the past I just used the equipment I got right out of the box. What does breakin really entail?
The for all the responses...even the tongue in cheek ones.having read them at 1030 pm just getting home from working way too long a day they were practical and in cases a laugh I needed.:-)
Use the break-in track on the XLO Test CD set on repeat for two weeks continuous play. There is really no substitute for breaking in not only the new CD player but everything else in the chain, wires, cables, capacitors, etc.. Simply playing music continuously for two weeks, or two years, just won't be nearly as effective.
So what do I actually do to accomplish this?
Leave it in the box and DON'T play it. After 2000 hours you are good to go.

your Sony spinner will require at least 400 hours to break-in. After that benchmark, the sound of the player will really shine.