Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh

Southwest audio show apparently was a big hit and a great place for audio.

It's nice to see Jay is taking an interest in McIntosh amplifiers. He has a 2 boxes in his lab containing MC 901 dual mono amplifiers that can be used to biamp lots of things including speakers , a tube/solid state amplifier. He promises a review sometime soon.

Additionally he's got brand new speakers and we don't know what they are because they are Hidden behind acoustical panels waiting to be unveiled sometime by Thanksgiving.

Jay predicts his brand will be bigger than southwest audio show.  Jays audio show coming to a Texas town near you. 

Looking forward to all the excitement. 



Out of morbid curiosity I watched a video, and in a five minute span he said Bryston amps were more for home theater and that Joseph Audio speakers are overly bright and extremely hard to set up. You gotta be friggin’ kidding me. Bye bye.

Emerging soul, as far as I know the Audiophile Junkie is an accountant by trade and while he may not be directly marketing gear he has, for me, an unhealthy relationship with 3Ma in Houston which for me is disqualifying. I'm begining to think that you might just be quite young as big trucks are cool and you naively accept video reviewers proclamations unquestioningly. Maybe 18 years old? For the record Jay quit his full-time job and he makes his living/money through advertising and subscriptions on/to his site. Both of the people you site as "remarkable" are trying to make money on people listening to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Hats off to them. My point to you is when you get deep into this crazy world of audio you will find that everyone has an angle and that you will have to do the work for yourself.

Joseph Audio speakers are overly bright and extremely hard to set up. You gotta be friggin’ kidding me. Bye bye.

I've listened to the Joseph Audio speakers at a local dealer 3 times now and at Axpona and they are the antithesis of being bright! 

I can't help but contribute here, although it smacks of piling on. I watch his videos regularly...but not to learn about audio. It's more like a "Housewives of (fill in the blank, I've never actually watched an episode but see the drama on the ads)". The shows are really more drama than content or expertise in describing sound. I have enjoyed this hobby for decades, and have a system in the 6 figure range, but I really have never been able to glean much helpful from his content. Jay strikes me as someone who has been successful in some avenue in his life, but strongly needs external validation, and audio gear is now the vehicle. He appears to be a good dealmaker, and he certainly has leveraged himself into a position where he is being acknowledged by the industry. This might be a bit of a statement about the industry itself, along with the current post covid state of it. (Anybody see the Boulder Amp video? Jeff the founder looks like he can't wait for it to be over). Jay appears to really need followers....the term "syncophant" in an above post is pretty right on when you look at the comments below his videos. There is more of a fandom than critical analysis. In any case, hats off to him as he is succeeding in his goals. We may be soon seeing Suncoast Audio Texas division, and Audio Rallies (Make Audio Great Again!)