Brian Hoyer / In-Tone / kasa

This review is being posted here to serve notice to the community about my experience with Brian Hoyer. His original screen name here was Linn_Kasa, but is now just kasa. He was a long time Audiogon dealer. He was listed as a Linn dealer under the Linn_Kasa name, but is now listed on the Linn website as In-Tone of Leawood, Kansas. In late April I purchased a used/trade in DCS Rossini Apex player listed on here for a significant sum. Billed through his LLC In-Tone. After he didn’t produce I opened a dispute here in June and at the end of July he finally agreed to refund. After 2 weeks of stalling he stated he actually had the player since May. He has failed to send that as of today 9/15/23, and his account on here has been suspended. There is also a second dispute against him that he has not addressed. I will only urge you think hard before doing any business with him.


Sorry to hear that.   Stories like yours are why I only buy and sell locally , cash .

sorry, I feel your pain, but mine is a lot worse. Look for my horror story involving Brian Hoyer, Linn Kasa to be posted soon.

@ hiendmmoe..... and I feel your pain as well. I would encourage you to post your experience soon. When you're comfortable, we should talk. My last email from Brian  on 8/18 stated because of my actions, my player would be delivered to a lawyer to go through a proper legal process and then to me.  Yeah...right.  The last time Brian took a phone call from me, or returned a call from me was around May 5th or 6th.