Brian Hoyer / In-Tone / kasa

This review is being posted here to serve notice to the community about my experience with Brian Hoyer. His original screen name here was Linn_Kasa, but is now just kasa. He was a long time Audiogon dealer. He was listed as a Linn dealer under the Linn_Kasa name, but is now listed on the Linn website as In-Tone of Leawood, Kansas. In late April I purchased a used/trade in DCS Rossini Apex player listed on here for a significant sum. Billed through his LLC In-Tone. After he didn’t produce I opened a dispute here in June and at the end of July he finally agreed to refund. After 2 weeks of stalling he stated he actually had the player since May. He has failed to send that as of today 9/15/23, and his account on here has been suspended. There is also a second dispute against him that he has not addressed. I will only urge you think hard before doing any business with him.


So, it appears our man Brian has been at this longer than we knew.  If you go the the Johnson County, KS Court dockets and search Hoyer he's been there as well. I'll paste the link but sometimes it's filtered - hopefully the moderator let's it through.

I just got a call from Chris Kobach, the KC DA’s Office. 
I filed a complaint with them at:

Unfortunately I paid Brian from my business bank account so they’re viewing it as a business to business issue so might not be able to pursue my claim.  Super bummed about this.  

That said, I told them there were plenty of other victims and the  guy said each of you should file.  They were actually the most responsive of any of my filings.  Please file your complaint with them!