Bricasti DAC owners

I’m not associated with Bricasti other than owning a Bricasti dac. 
If you own a Bricasti dac purchased before 2020, I strongly suggest considering obtaining the newest digital board, the MDx.

It’s that good. 
There certainly is nothing wrong with any prior BRICASTI digital board. Technology advances, particularly in digital, and the MDx is a worthy advance 
Another vote for the MDx upgrade!  They shipped the board to me and I installed it in a Bricasti M3.  VERY NICE UPGRADE!
For those who did the MDx upgrade, any issue with one of the channel(in my case left channel) has either no sound or distorted sound after first turning on from stand by mode?  I have M1se with MDx and it happens a few times, the symptom can be cured by turn it off and on again.  And I am connecting to the aes input.  Any feedback on this would be appreciated!
I've let him know about this.  I am just wondering if someone else is also experiencing this.  My friend who also had the upgrade is experiencing the same.