Bricasti DAC owners

I’m not associated with Bricasti other than owning a Bricasti dac. 
If you own a Bricasti dac purchased before 2020, I strongly suggest considering obtaining the newest digital board, the MDx.

It’s that good. 
There certainly is nothing wrong with any prior BRICASTI digital board. Technology advances, particularly in digital, and the MDx is a worthy advance 
I've let him know about this.  I am just wondering if someone else is also experiencing this.  My friend who also had the upgrade is experiencing the same.
@rogerhifi, I also installed the MDx upgrade board in my M21 DAC and it plays perfectly. Based on your sound and distortion issue, I wonder if one of the cables that was removed and replaced are not tight or connected correctly.

When I installed the MXd board, we checked, and DOUBLE checked again, to ensure all cables and wires were removed and re-connected correctly. If possible, please remove the top and check that all cables and wires are correctly connected and tight.

The MDx board install requires the USB and AES/EBU connection devices (on the back of the unit) to be removed and re-connected. It is possible one of these is loose or not tight. Cables in this area also need to be checked.

I also do not understand that the symptom can be cured by turning the unit off and on again. I am guessing it could be a lose connection but I do not know.

And, yes, please call Joe at Bricasti for help. Please keep us posted.
@strojo  - It's MDx 1.02
@hgeifman The fact that the right channel still plays sound fine while only left channel is silent or distorted rules out the cable issue or loose connector.  If the issue is caused by those two there would be either no sound or distorted sound, from both channel at the same time.  I didn't install the board my unit was sent back to them for installation.  I will keep you guys posted when I hear back.