Bricasti DAC owners

I’m not associated with Bricasti other than owning a Bricasti dac. 
If you own a Bricasti dac purchased before 2020, I strongly suggest considering obtaining the newest digital board, the MDx.

It’s that good. 
There certainly is nothing wrong with any prior BRICASTI digital board. Technology advances, particularly in digital, and the MDx is a worthy advance 
Interesting- I too changed. With the original board I was at Minimum 2 mostly, now I am at Minimum 4
Hi Strojo,

only happens intermittently.  The last time on turn on.  Left channel again.  Back to standby and back on and all is normal.  I let Brian know when it happens and what it was doing.  He says they cannot make it happen but are still working on it.
@jglacken have you tried disconnect everything between your trnsport and dac and reconnect?  I tried that and haven't had issue since.