Bricasti DAC owners

I’m not associated with Bricasti other than owning a Bricasti dac. 
If you own a Bricasti dac purchased before 2020, I strongly suggest considering obtaining the newest digital board, the MDx.

It’s that good. 
There certainly is nothing wrong with any prior BRICASTI digital board. Technology advances, particularly in digital, and the MDx is a worthy advance 
I emailed Bricasti yesterday.  Their response was - "Hi Stephen, We are looking into it and it will take time to get it to them for the certification, so we are starting the process.  Joe"

I had a similar issue on 1.02 but with the right channel. It would intermittently produce a static hiss on idle, but then goes back to normal once I switched it on/off standby. Bricasti sent me the MDx 1.03 upgrade as a fix and I haven't experienced the issue since.
Agree 100% — it is hard to imagine a DAC doing more to find that elusive sweet spot between detail and sounding just right.   The enhancement was immediately noticeable and unless my ears are plying tricks, it sounds even better again after some significant usage.
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I just ordered the Bricasti V1.11 MDx Upgrade for my Bricasti M21 DAC. They shipped the firmware and instructions for how to install it.

The upgrade features are "In addition to the improved in performance that the MDx offers, there 2 new features in V1.11 for all products upgraded from early MDx versions: 

CLK Wide / Fine: On all products is the ability to change the Master clock sync from a fine very accurate setting to a more forgiving wide one, yielding a more relaxed sound and to allow for fine tuning of this change. Both settings yield very low jitter results. 

Filter 1: For the M3, M12 and M21 products, the addition of 2 new filters, one for each type linear and minimum phase. These filters are currently found in the M1 and were found to be customer favorites and we feel would be welcome addition to the current simple 2 filters approach in those products".