Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC

I own a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC that I like a lot but heard my friends system with the Bricasti M1 and I am strongly thinking of changing my DAC and would love your feedback from other members that have heard either or both. I know they are both great but really thinking of changing my Dac from PS Audio Direct Stream to the Bricasti M1 DAC. I use a HP Desk top computer as source with Jplay and JRiver Media 19 and the outstanding Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND Reference USB Cable. The rest of my system is below. I listen to Classic Rock, jazz, vocal, some modern music and the usual audiophile stuff.


My system for reference.

Ascendo C-8 Renaissance Speakers (Germany) Monitor
Purist Audio Design Corvus Praesto Revision 2.5m Bi-Wire Speaker cable
Cardas Clear Interconnect 1 Meter RCA Interconnect
Darwin TRUTH Pure Silver Reference 1 Meter RCA Interconnect
Darwin TRUTH Pure Silver Reference 1 Meter RCA Interconnect
Audio Research REFERENCE 1 w/Rhodium IEC/NOS Tubes Tube preamp
Decware ZSTAGE External Triode Output StageTelefunken ECC801S
PS Audio Direct Stream DSD DAC w/ Bridge DA converter
Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND Reference USB Cable
PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase Vibration Cancelation/AC Condtioner
Conrad Johnson Premier 12 Mono's 140 Watts Tung-Sol KT120's amps
PS Audio PowerPlant Premier AC Regenerator
BMI Shark Pure Jeweler Grade Platinum AC Power Cable
Sablon Audio Petite Corona 2.0M AC Power Cable
Mad Scientist PC-NEO with Power Purifier AC Power Cable
JPS Labs The Power AC+ 2M AC Power Cable
Synergistic Research Labs Tesla Series SE T1 AC Power Cable
Synergistic Research Labs Tesla Series T1 AC Power Cable
PS Audio Noise Harvester (5) Converts noise to light
OYAIDE RI Beryllium Power Outlets (2)
Hubbell Outlet 5362/5262 Deep Cryo Process
Blue Circle Audio The Yalu Balula Industrial Surge/Spike Protection
JPLAY v5.2 hi-end audio player turns PC into a digital transport.
JRiver Media Center 19 Music Software
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@fsmithjack,  I installed the  Bricasti MDx upgrade board in my Bricasti M21 DAC.  My system sounds clearer, smoother, has more air and is more engaging with more musical details.  Your Bricasti M1 DAC is going to sound substantially better when it returns.  

Based on my understanding, PS Audio has made MANY software IMPROVEMENTS to the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC over many years.   This probably explains your listening experience with this DAC.   Unfortunately, I have never auditioned the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC so I cannot comment to your question.


I replaced my PS Audio DSD with the Bricasti M3 and it was indeed an improvement., especially when streaming. The DSD network Network Bridge is a weak spot.
I liked the ps audio better then the m3. I didn't like the midrange of the m3 in my system. I was using the i2s on the ps audio  as you are right the ps audio network Bridge is not that good. 
I have since replaced my ps audio though. 
With the M3 did it have the optional network card / Roon endpoint player? 
Also are you talking a Direct Steam Jr? 
I think Direct Steam vs M1 and 
Direct Stream Jr vs M3 right? I’m not sure so just asking. I love how the Direct Stream offers different sound via software updates. That’s pretty awesome. 
Bricasti has their MDx board upgrade. Did the M3 have that? I had it upgraded in my M1 and love it. 
I had the directstream SR with the optional bridge but used the i2s as the bridge wasn't very good.  The m3 I had at the same time did not have the network card. I used the USB on it as it doesn't have i2s. I did not like the m3 but really liked the m21 using its ladder dac.