Bricasti M1 SE

Hello everyone,

I just received a Bricasti M1SE today. Set it up in my system and got it to play a while. Then I began fiddling around with the front panel buttons and the knob and must have made an error. I remember getting to the settings for the Remote and  twiddling the knob. Suddenly the M1SE went into Standby and now cannot start up the DAC. When I depress the Standby button I see the 4dot square moving 3 or 4 positions to the right, then for a fraction of a second the input I last used or my current connected input is displayed. Immediately after that the M1 goes back to standby. Has anyone else come across this? What do I need to do to fix it? Thanks.



Power cycle it. If it’s not back to normal call Bricasti. Joe will help you out. 

Try this: Press and hold the Standby button. The resets the remote trigger. 

I had a similar issue with a Bricasti M3, and Joe recommended this procedure, which worked perfectly.