Bricasti M3 In the house

Just got a Bricasti M3 with the Ethernet renderer module. Looking forward to breaking this piece in. First impressions are: it’s a winner. I am curious what ways folks who have this DAC (or other Bricasti models) run it; over ethernet or USB? I will report my findings as the days tick by; Right now it’s cooking on ethernet out of my InnuOs Zenith MKIII into an ether-regen into the M3;

Contact Bricasti. They will send you a SD card with the firmware upgrade. Easy install


I think the upgrade was $100.  They send you a chip. You need to remove the top of your unit and put in the chip and it updates the Bios. It did add a few more configurable filters to choose from (which have very minor differences, but I cannot tell which I prefer).  it was pretty easy.