Bricasti M3 vrs Meitner MA3

Narrowing it down as we speak.  Listen t R&R only, around mid 80's low 90's db.  Stream qobuz via a Windows 10 based computer, (very satisfied) and Cd's. Have some nice equipment, to compliment the title pieces. Last minute post before dinner. If I've left anything out, I'm sorry. Hungry!  Have a Meitner MA1 -V2 DAC in another system, and LOVE IT!!!  This new piece for another system,  Probably be my last DAC, getting older!!!!!! For the difference in the Money, of course the Meitner is more expensive.  Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with both units????  I may add a streamer in the future, unknown at this time.  Any help would be much appreciated. If anyone has another Dac in that price area that they have experience with, that likes Rock and Roll, please don't hesitate.  Thanks,  Robert TN


“The focus here is on creating a natural sound vs. hyper-realism.” @arafiq +1

@robshaw it rakes a while to fully appreciate the sonic virtues of the MA3 over lesser DACs, but you will. Plus the MA3 needs 300 hours to fully “come into voice”. Give it time before you choose.

I’ve owned both DACs as well and preferred the Meitner in my system.

A kinder gentler system could benefit from the Bricasti while an edgier or brighter system might go better with the Meitner.

As always YMMV.

I have a M3 and a retailer who sells both says it’s basically a toss up considering the rest of the system. 
The MA3 can play attached local files where the Bricasti can’t so that could eliminate the need for a Nas or server. That might be a big deal to some peeps. 

Benzman, thank you very much for the info. I had updated my first post, which included the Bricasti m3 vrs Meitner MA-3.  Now considering The MA-3 Meitner vrs the Bricasti M1 SE version, which comes with the remote and the Streamer. Can't decide, the Bricasti is 1K more????? Robert

Are you running a preamp or integrated? No need for a remote if you are using a pre. If you are running straight to your amps than you will want a remote

I have always ran with a pre. I took the Bricasti M3 to my buds last week and ran it directly to a pair of Jeff Rowland Monos using the XLR outs. I don’t have a remote so getting up to adjust volume sucked but it sounded damn good direct. 
If if was me I would buy a used M3 3,500-4,000 depending on remote. They are always available. 
I am running an EtherRegen and just added an LHY OCK 2 clock and it took it up a couple of levels.