Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS

I don’t have any experience with DACs.  This is for streaming only.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!
I’d be extremely surprised if a 200.00 USD DAC has the same quality chassis construction, power supply, part quality and analogue output stage  (Also well thought out I/V conversion) implementation as a 4 figure priced DAC/CD player. All of these vital factors contribute to overall sound quality.
Cosmic Charlie I’ve never heard the Briscati M3 though I am aware of the brand , it’s beautiful ! plus it has a purpose built headphone section something of a bonus I think .

I don’t stream my music I find ripped to the hard drive of a 432 Evo Aeon server playback sounds better then streaming GeorgeHiFi currently has a very good thread on that very subject..

JasonBournes comments above on using a $200.00 dac while streaming could have more truth then we know ...

We are a bracasti dealer and there is more to selecting a dac then just sound quality

The m3 is modular and has allready been updated so one concern is can the product evolve?

The m3 also has an analog volume option and can play any kind of file it is also roon compatible and can stream

For all of these reasons the m3 is just outstanding

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I would listen, of course, but here also are my thoughts on this. Bricasti is not a "flavor of the month." They are an established company also serving the broadcast industry. They have great customer support and service.

Holo May is a reviewers’ darling. I remember many such through the years. Some were as great as originally thought; some were like MQA or a too-bright speaker -- initially impressive but didn’t wear well.

PS Audio is interesting. They keep changing their DAC with firmware updates. I tend to buy something whose sound I like, and am not crazy about constant changes. And it will be hard for me to forgive PSA for selling their original Bridge as "state of the art" when it would not even do gapless playback. Then they put their customers through year after year of denial and halfway solutions before finally offering them a discount on a functional product.