Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS

I don’t have any experience with DACs.  This is for streaming only.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!
I have an M1SE with the MDx board and ethernet module (which I prefer over USB). Bright is not a word I'd use to describe the DAC. 

About 5 years ago, I owned an Auralic Vega--I would describe that DAC as being bright. 
@cosmic_charlie, You received 24 comments regarding your Audiogon post looking for thoughts regarding the Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS. Was any of this information useful and did it help you make a decision?

IF NOT, I suggest you audition these DAC’s, and others, if possible, to help you make your decision. The process is not easy, takes time and more important, you do not want to make a mistake. The best way to make a decision is to audition these DAC’s (and others, if needed). Please keep us posted. Thanks.

One more thing. Please do not rush the process. There is no hurry and sometimes time is required to make the right choice.
I had the PS audio and M3 at the same time. I liked the PS audio better. I also had the M21 and it was the best but a lot more money. I went with The Bel Canto E1x that I like better then the PS and the M3. 
@hgeifman Yes, thanks, quite a bit of useful information.  Still researching, but leaning toward Bricasti.  As @mike_in_nc points out, the Holo Audio May does seem to be the latest reviewer’s darling—although it could well be the real deal. I do like that phrase and have been around long enough to know it’s a real phenomenon.  I also like that Bricasti is a well established company.  More work to do!
@cosmic_charlie.    I failed to mention that I have owned a DirectStream (most recently with the Windom firmware) and I enjoyed it. Having an ethernet connection and being a Roon end point is very convenient (to me anyhow). 

I currently own a Bricasti M1SE and I prefer that DAC. But, at the end of the day, budget plays a role in audio decisions. You can have a DS with Bridge II for around $3,500. At that price, or less, I think it's a good option. 

Where PS Audio and Bricasti have some commonality is their approach to offering upgrades to the DACs, they diverge in how they deliver the upgrades: PS Audio with free firmware updates (which are always very impactful) and Bricasti with paid hardware upgrades (which are very much worth the price of admission). In both scenarios, you can invest in a DAC that will give you plenty of milage.

I've never heard a May DAC in my system and can't offer any input there.