Bricasti M3

A new Bricasti dac has been released rather recently. The M3.  I see just a couple of short reviews. Anyone have any info they could share? Like maybe what makes it around $4000 less then the M1 for starters?
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@musicman159 could you elaborate on the aspects that differentiate the chord and bricasti?
I’ve had the M3 for about 6 weeks, so it’s good and broken in! The M3 is my first dac so I can only compare it to an Oppo 203...which is no comparison really!! I think it’s sounds great in my modest system. It would definitely be the highlight!! I would say it’s very musical! Sometimes I catch myself going holy crap  that sounds good!! I have the network card and have been running Roon in to it over Ethernet and using it with USB as well. Its hard to tell the difference sometimes. I upsample to Dsd 128 and then I’ll play it straight up and both are great! I just added some GIK panels and that definitely helped the room! Its a great looking machine and the remote is a chunk of aluminum. I liked dealing with the guys at Bricasti, and that ultimately led to the purchase! I’ll try to answer questions if someone has one!!
Does any one have a Auralic G1 or G2 to compare the network card sound with. Is the card all you need to be your main digital music player for Tidal and Qobuz.
Yes, I think you can hook the M3 w/ network renderer to your router via ethernet, and download the mconnect app for streaming Tidal and Qobuz. 
I’m debating getting the Bricasti M3H vs. either the Mola Mola Tambaqui or the (yet to be released) Boulder 812.

my user Casey’s for inputs of Roon over Ethernet & computer USB, and headphone focus including hard to drive headphones.

would value any advice or insight anyone may have…!