Bricasti M5 Users

Hi everyone: I'm currently using a USB cable out to my DAC from a Bricasti M5. Has anyone compared the sound quality between the USB and XLR outputs of the M5? Thanks in advance. Jeff


I picked up a Bricasti M5 two and a half weeks ago. I am using a Chord Qutest DAC being fed by Transparent Coax cable. I have not tried going the USB route. In my research I ran across the following which you may already be aware of:

(1) Christiaan Punter’s in depth review of the Bricasti M5 back in 2017 at his website. He gives the M5 a rave review and states his preference for USB.

(2) Brian Zolner, principal at Bricasti, has stated that with respect to the M5, AES/EBU is the best way to go, with spdif being a close second.





I have compared USB, AES and SPDIF with my Bricasti and Nagra DAC. I agree with Brian Zolner's ranking: AES>SPDIF>>USB.