Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC

This DAC seems pretty interesting from both an analogue as well as digital conversion point of view:

I currently own a highly modded DirectStream MKI DAC, but this DAC I really want.... MSRP is around $12K....

Any opinions on this DAC?


I just received my M1 S2 DAC that was upgraded from a M1SE.  It’s really like getting a brand new DAC.  It has the new multicolor display and remote control (I didn’t have a remote with my M1SE).  It sounds great out of the box but I think it should get even better with burn-in.  I’m very happy with Bricasti’s service and making this upgrade possible!

I had no idea that I could update my M1 to a series 2.  

When I went with the MDX board I thought that was an excellent step. Can hardly imagine what the series 2 brings!