Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC

This DAC seems pretty interesting from both an analogue as well as digital conversion point of view:

I currently own a highly modded DirectStream MKI DAC, but this DAC I really want.... MSRP is around $12K....

Any opinions on this DAC?


@sksos is spot on with the Bricasti sound signature. 
Will the dealer allow you to bring your dac in? That would allow you to set a baseline. 

@docroasty we have the latest M3 and would be glad to ship it out, just pay for shipping. This way you can understand  the Bricasti sound. You might even love the M3. Let me know if this will work?


 (Dealer disclaimer)

@sksos many thanks for the offer. I would have loved to take u up on it but I'm halfway around the world in Singapore. I used to have the Benchmark Dac3b; is Bricasti somewhat similar to that? 

@docroasty have not had the Benchmark in my own listening studio but have heard it several times. It's a fine DAC maybe a bit on the clinical side and not having the transparency of the Bricasti.. Again without having it in a known system it's hard for me to judge all parameters

Had an M3 for a few years, very good DAC. Have not heard the M1. Moved to an Ayre QX5, to my ears, a significant jump up from the M3. I try to buy American as much as possible. Bricasti and Ayre are two of the best, quality, build, sonics, support, etc.