Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC

This DAC seems pretty interesting from both an analogue as well as digital conversion point of view:

I currently own a highly modded DirectStream MKI DAC, but this DAC I really want.... MSRP is around $12K....

Any opinions on this DAC?


I recently replaced my DirectStream MKI - heavily modded - with a Weiss DAC 501 MKII. I cannot respond to the SQ of the DS MKII, but I believe the Weiss DAC is much more neutral and noise-free. Also the build quality is much better.

Also the Weiss DAC 501MKII has an excellent Ethernet input and the DirectStream MKII does not.

I did not listen to the Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC - but it is also much costlier than the PS Audio or Weiss.

Please be aware the Weiss DAC requires plenty of burn-in time and a very musical power cable.

I am a Bricasti dealer and am familiar.  The M3 is a completely different chassis, PS, etc…. I do not believe that there would be a standard upgrade directly with Bricasti as it is a totally different model and footprint.  They did not offer an M3 to M1 upgrade for example.  

You could trade the DAC to a Bricasti dealer that takes trades but it will much more expensive than the typical $2500 upgrade.  

Just upgraded my M12 to the new TFT style display. Was a very straightforward process and Bricasti was extremely helpfull.

I documented it here:

Bricasti M12 – Hauptsache es klingt ! (

Had my Bricasti M12 updated to add the IS2 port in addition to the standard Ethernet port. Can see it here: (Dealer disclaimer)