Bridge or Single ch to bi-amp Center channel B&W HTM3S

I recently upgraded from the HTM2 to the 3S and I'm out of funds to upgrade my amps at the moment.  The 3S is rated at 250w at 8ohm nominal (3.2minimum).   

The two amps I have are:
1) Adcom GFA 6000 which puts out 100wpc into 8ohm (avail from 3 channels - no bridging allowed) & 150w to 4ohm.  Toroidal transformer.
2) Niles SI-1260 which normal is 60wpc 8ohm & 80wpc 4ohm or can be bridged to single channel 120w 8ohm.
IE type transformer (I believe) - 6 rails.

I would like to bi-amp the 3S (vertical).

I would like to determine (from an electrical capacity/headroom and performance perspective) which of these amps should best work for this application. - (critical listening as to which will work best will come later - and is equally important of course).
1) bridge the Niles so 120w going to 3S two mid-low drivers and another 120w to mid and tweeter (2 rails 4 channels total), OR
2) send Adcom 100w (no bridge) to 3S mid-low and 100w to 3S mid tweeter (being this is a toroidal, are any benefits to bi-amping negated - ?).

I'm also open to another config if anyone has a suggestion (other than buying a NEW mono or higher powered multichannel amp). 

Realistically I'm only going to get $275 from the Adcom or $400 from the Niles - possibly less.

The home theater and multi channel (whole house audio) aspects of the Niles has me in leaning toward keeping the Niles and selling the Adcom.

Thanks to anyone willing to share their thoughts.
FWIW, I sold the Niles 1260 and Adcom 6000 and bought an Adcom GFA7000 THX toroidal (130w 8 ohm and 200w 4ohm x 5 channels - no bridging option).  The Adcom will be used to bi-amp the B&W HTM3S and the other three channels for 1 rear and 2 RL surrounds.  
Does the Adcom amp youve chosen have gain controls on each pair of channels ? Or do you have the ability to adjust each channels gain via your pre pro or straight preamp ? If not you will most likely end up with a bloated sound at 1 extreme which is usually mids & highs ,130/200 watts will drive mids & tweets at much louder levels than the exact wattage supplied to the woofer,this is where the ability to adjust gain becomes invaluable.