"Bridge Over Trouble Water" sounds artificial

During the pandemic I've been upgrading my sound system.  I used to enjoy Simon & Garfunkel, "Bridge Over Trouble Water".  With my upgraded equipment the hi resolution audio sounds very synthetic, with one track on top of another, not like real music at all.  The voices are doubled and violins just layered on top.  On my same system, I played a live concert of Andre Previn playing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue".  It sounded real and beautiful, like a live performance.  Am I doing something wrong?
Really need more info. What was the equipment that sounded good, and what is your new equipment?
Sounds like you are now able to “hear into the mix” better now than before.  The pros and cons of a highly resolving system.  
While I agree with crn3371, what you might be hearing is a poor mix of the Simon&Garfunkel track.  I remember that back in the day there was a lot of criticism Of S&G mixes, that they were “overproduced”.  Since I was a teenager at the time with my parents system that cost around $29, I couldn’t have said, and I only listen to Classical now, but I did hear some S&G tracks at a show a few years back and my reaction (to the recording, not the music) was “Yuck!”