Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?

I need some tone control for my single driver speakers which lack in the treble department and want to get the most detail out of them. The speaker cables should lead to more present cymbals and an open soundstage.

I value timing and imaging and openness the most.

Budget 400$ used.

I am open to amp and interconnect recommendations. (92db/8Ohm/small room)
Sorry,...noted interconnect recommendation by mistake; apologies for the error. If you are looking to get more detail in the high frequencies in your entire audio chain, SKY is a great contender. For speaker cables, the AQ KE4's are a silver-conductor, extremely fast and detailed option you should consider. K2's as well but they are general more expensive.
I third the Mapleshades. Been using them for years. Quite amazing quickness, clarity and microdynamics. The bass is startling and very clean.
Give them a chance to settle though, each time after you uncoil...