Bright Star Air Mass II

This is embarrassing, but I bought a used BS Air Mass II to use under my turntable which arrived without a manual -- I know, I probably should not need a manual, but I'm obviously doing something incorrectly. I placed my turnatable (Notiningham Interspace) on the Air Mass, and pumped it up -- it did not rise up evenly and the turntable rocks back-and-forth. Too much air I assume, but at no time in the inflating process did the Air Mass level off. So obviously I need help (I know, in more ways than one); any thoughts would be appreciated -- please be kind, at least to my face. Thanks.
Hi Vtl,

You have an older Bright Star Audio Air Mass 2 pneumatic mount. That model is no longer in production.

That model relied on gravity to achieve absolute level. For most components that is not an issue. In your case, your turntable has an off-center load weight because the motor and platter are not in the physical center of the chassis. You can easily compensate for this when setting up your Air Mass 2 by adding some extra weight between the component and the Air Mass as required to achieve a level surface.

I have emailed a copy of the owners manual to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
Driver is correct. A 1/8" clearance indicates the correct amount of inflation.


Barry Kohan

Well done Barry, nice to see owners jump in and help out. Another "good guy" folks.