Bright Star Gemini vs Gingko Cloud Comparison??

I would greatly appreciate your sharing any information about the relative performance and merits of the Gemini (2 or 3) and the Cloud (10 or 11).

I have read a number of threads in Audiogon and several reviews in the high end press in which various elements of vibration control were discussed, including a variety of theories and DIY projects. For me, the most compelling theme that emerged is the need for a comprehensive system to control vibrations. The system should address isolation from floor/rack/shelf vibrations, as well as the reduction of both the air-borne and the component-generated vibrations.

Given that I am not much of a DIY person and given that the number of products in the market is huge and they use different designs and materials, I need help in determining a short list of comprehensive options to audition with my CD player and tube amps, all sitting on MDF shelves in racks which stand on a concrete floor. The mega-buck alternatives are beyond my budget. Of the "reasonably" priced units I ran across, the Gemini and the Cloud seemed viable provided that some mass loading is added to each. Any mass loading that reduces EMI/RFI (like the Little Rock 2 or 3) would be desirable.

Many of the products that do not address the isolation from floor/rack/shelf vibrations perhaps could complement products that do, and hence be integrated into a comprehensive system. I am open to other options for my short list that are reasonably priced and reasonably effective. For example, how can the Black Diamond Racing Shelf be made a part of a comprehensive system?

Finally, I understand that the resonance frequency is 17 Hz for the Cloud 10 and 13Hz for the Cloud 11. Does anyone know what is the resonance frequency for the Gemini 2 unit supporting a 50 lb mass-loaded CD player or an 80 lb tube amp?

The Bright Star Gemini platform has been a very effective device for isolating my turntable over the last 4-1/2 years or so. I have also been very pleased with the Silent Running Audio isolation bases. I have found their VR platforms to be both highly effective and affordable. You should consider adding the SRA VR products to your short list.
Hi Barry,

Thanks for your information about the resonance frequency for the Gemini 2. I couldn't find any quantitative measures of performance for the Gemini 2 on the Bright Star website. What is the degree of attenuation across the frequency spectrum for the Gemini 2? And, how does this compare to that of Air Mass 3 plus Big Rock 2 combination supporting the same 50-80 lb component? The greater vertical dimension for this combo relative to that of the Gemini 2 is not a problem for me.

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Cincy bob,

Thanks for sharing your positive experiences with the Gemini and the VR in your system. I have not looked into SRA before, but I will definitely check them out.

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