Brinkman Balance Comparisons

For those who have the Brinkman or compared it to others please chime in. How does it compare to the Avid, TW Raven AC and SME 30? I heard the Raven AC has been compared to the Brinkman in Germany extensively. any thoughts? Also, how critical is a good support stand to achieve it's perfromance?

Thanks for your help,

Dear Rick: +++++ " What I include in my decision to buy is the following: why do I want to there somthing wrong with what I have OR is the new unit better?: " +++++

This statement is critical ( it does not matters if we are wealthy or not ), many of us change " things " only for change " things ". In the case of TT's and before we change it it is " healthy " to look for some tweaks that could improve the TT performance like: mat's, clamp's, plattform's, etc, etc.
Of course that we can change something because it " looks " better or is the new " kid on the street ", this is our decision.

Rick: +++++ " Now I agree but HOW do you do that?????? " +++++

we can't, and that's why some other posts here " speak " about of " minute " differences between those TT's and I posted:
" When you are talking of any of the TT's named here ( including your Acoustic Signature ) you don't have to worried about its performance or the " minute " differences between them what you must to worried is about two critical subjects: tonearm/cartridge matching and Phonolinepreamp, these two subjects make the difference ( not the TT )specially the Phonolinepreamp ( I agree with Darren about ). ".

This means that with top TT's performers the decision is more in what you like more ( look, name/brand, warranty, post-service, feautures, price, etc, etc. ) of each one other than the performance.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul..well said. You are correct. I must assume that my final cartridge decision will be one of these: Dynavector XV1-S, ZYX-3 or Uni. With that said, I believe the Tri-Planer, Phantom will do well to carry these cartridges (agree)? Then, the TT....and I believe a Raven, Glavia, Teres 320 will all do well to complete the unit.
My Aries/10.5 unit is good....quit good. However, I just have to believe the upgrade of a newer table and arm and cartridge (Helikon now) will be a move up for my system.
Thanks again, Raul for your quick and thoughtful comments.
RWD - Have you considered the Titan-i as another cartridge choice? Lyra will subtract $1,000 off the Titan-i with your Helicon trade-in. I've been going through the same cartridge conundrums with my set-up. An Avid Volvere, Tri-Planer VII, and Helicon. If you like the Helicon, the Titan-i may be an excellent progression with a little less guesswork and a substantial savings. Richard
Hi Richard....Yes I have. However, my Helikon is quit good but I'd like a bit more warmth and roundness. Now, here come the part that I get so frustrated about. I have heard the titan in another system BUT it was another system and not mine. Therefore, what I was istening to was quit good BUT on someone elses system. I guess what I am saying is I am ready for a change.
As to price...I may be wrong but I believe cartridges have a very high mark up. I believe I can get a good price on any cartridge with a complete system (TT/arm/etc).

But Thanks for your commets and are always helpful!
P.S. Anyone have a copy or link to the stereophile Michael Fermer review of the TW Raven AC?