Broken banana plug and stuck in amplifier

Hi, seek your advise how to remove the broken banana plug which is half-broken when i pulled out the plug, it's rather hard to clamp as it leaves a little metal.

The binding post of amplifier (E280) is unable to unscrew fully and to be removed,  

Appreciate if you have similar experience and how to remove the remaining banana plug out from amplifier .



not rubbing salt in the wound and hope you get it out soon.  It shouldn't be hard to get out with proper tools.  I haven't made any recommendations because I don't know your skill level and tool inventory.

I want to point out that these inferior multipiece banana plags significantly affect sound (negatively) and eventually fail.  This is what drives people to lugs.  I like BFA style banana plugs.  One piece and great electrical connection  (again, avoid the multipiece designs).


Second the idea of using a screw.  Insert and hand tight (just snug), want to embed the threads in the broken banana plug, but not get expansion that tightens everything inside, then use some pliers to gently pull on the screw.

One other possibly is a set of dental tools which can be found at at most pharmacies.Weird shaped picks might be able to hook it right out.

I'd unscrew the binding post nuts as far as possible, and try to pry/push it out through the hole in the side with a small punch or a big needle or something.  If you get it up a little bit, you should be able to screw the nut back down and get at it with some pliers.