Broken hearted...magnepan and vandersteen

I finally got an opportunity to hear the 1.7i magnepan. I will blame my ears and taste, but I was underwhelmed. I heard them with tweeters inside and outside for comparison. outside did sound a bit better. Then I allowed them to play the vandersteen quatro ct. The speakers disappeared into the music. Deep, tall, wide soundstage with excellent imaging and air around the different instruments. Full range sound. Thankfully the trio ct sounded almost the quatros equal. I really was ready to go with magnepan. I was surprised. All other speakers are sounding inferior now. 
Hi Stewart0722,  where are you located?
It would be fun to listen to each others systems...
I'm in Maryland.
at risk of exposing my Bose post as a troll attempt, I'm in Oklahoma....

I have some videos on youtube:

Here is latest setup.....

This one is from when I had the Studio 2s
One thing to be aware of when listening to Vandersteen powered bass models at a dealer is where they set contour or Q at... and why ? .7 and slightly below is lean very flat low bass. Want a better rock speaker, dial it towards .8
easy to do.....
back to our regularly scheduled duel.....

hopefully the OP is still having fun on the quest!!!!

I liked the speed and clarity of the Magnepan 0.7's when I auditioned several speakers in the store. But they need some power. I also like the single-ended triode sound which is not enough for Magnepans. Magnepans cost less but the amplifiers available for them are more than I can afford. My solution: add a stage of amplification using a pair of 1000 Volt power supplies, radio station transmitter tubes, off-the-shelf output transformers and let the 345 triodes drive the grids of the radio station transmitter tubes. This is more than enough power for Magnepans and Mr. and Mrs. Dillard thought the pictures of it I took were the wildest looking thing they ever saw.
But it took me several months putting up acoustical treatments and testing positions to get the Magnepans to sound right.
Now I catch hell on other internet sites from two directions, SET purists denounce giving up sensitive horn loaded speakers which only need 245's or 2A3's to drive them because flea power and sensitive speakers are the one and only true faith. From the other direction comes someone from Bulgaria who calls the 833-A, my favorite triode, wimpy compared to their pair of monoblocks using GM 100's which are close to one meter tall compared to my puny quart jar-sized 833-A's.The lesson is don't worry about what others think about your choices in speakers and amplifiers and enjoy the sportsmanship you need for others whose tastes are different from yours.