Brothers from another Mother ?

   My wife and I attended the Tampa show two years ago and found  'Horn' speakers to be to our liking .
So , we have been trying to find something that will fit in our 13' X 24' rec room , look decent and give us
that 'Horn' sound that we desire . I would also like something that is efficient enough for SET and Class A  amplification . We currently have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated amp .
   I have been reading about the Klipsch Forte 4 and the Volti Razz . These two seem to be more alike than different . About all that I can tell is different solutions to bass management . Klipsch's rear radiator and Volti's
front ports . Both are able to meet our requirement of close to the wall behind them , about a foot or less .
   We are not able to audition anything so have been relying on "You tube" vid's and written reviews . I know , but it is all that we are able to do !
   A reviewer has a "You tube" video comparing the Klipsch Heresy 4 , Forte 4 and La Scala 5's . In that review he 
plays all three speakers with the same equipment and song for each . My wife preferred the Forte 4 over the Heresy 4 . She stated that the Heresy 4 had too much energy up top and it was harder to understand the lyrics  as compared to the Forte 4 , we won't consider the La Scala's . I thought that the Heresy 4's were quite good on the vocals putting them up front and the instruments in the background , sort of . Whereas the Forte 4's kind of recessed the midrange/lyrics to be equal to the bass and treble . Sort of all areas of bass , midrange and treble to be on an equal plane . This was through both existing speakers and headphones . ( I  don't understand the difference but that is for another thread ! )
   Can anyone help with how the Volti Razz would compare to the Klipsch Heresy 4 and/or Forte 4 ?

   Thank you for your contributions and be Safe .

I have the Forte IV and love them....   I have a had a number of Klipsch over the years and these are by far the best speakers I've ever owned.   

No doubt the Volti are built to a different standard so I'm sure the $5k pricing won't be around very long 

I bought the Forte IV , not even looking for a new speaker.....happened to listen to the Heresy IV.   I owned a pair of Heresy III.    So for $3k plus my speakers it was an easy decision.   

Small manufacturers are spread thin.  Give Volti another try.   One thing about Klipsch, always serviceable for years .  10 year warranty is a plus too.    I have heard the larger Volti years ago and they do make great speakers .   
Hello saki70, I would suggest having an open mind in any circumstance when considering making a selection.
Jumping right in - has a write up on Acapella ( as a brand other than listed ).
End Game? The Acapella Apollon - Part-Time Audiophile (
If you would take the time to navigate to the Acapella Audio Arts website you may find the Fidelio 2 model.
Being the only offering by Acapella that is similar in size / style / price.
Assuming that less than $ 7k is a price point for your consideration.
Please understand that I have zero first hand input for any of the listed " Horn " products.
My idea is have a look at other options in an effort to make an informed decision.
Without having the opportunity to demo ( in any manner ) any first hand input relies upon someone’s conclusion which should be yours alone.
Many factors play into how a product sounds.
@oddiofyl   I recently heard Ken Micallef say that the Forte IV's are a substantial improvement over the III's.  Have you heard the comparison with reflections of your own?  At some point I may want to trade my III's in for IV's - and I will probably just check them out at a dealer nearby.
So actually I just was buying a sound bar for my daughter....but naturally I wanted to hear the Heresy IV ...I had heard the Cornwall IV and they are awesome e but too big ... for me anyway.   I would buy them if space allowed. 

So I hadn't heard a Forte in a long time and listened to the Forte III....  my dealer told me the Forte IV was coming out which I waited for.   He only had demo III in stock .   The midrange is definitely the reason to buy the IV over the III....