Bruce Cockburn - dancing in the dragons claws great listen!

Has anyone heard this masterpiece?  Great sonics and great music on true north records.  Highly recommended!

Did you by chance mean the album “Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws” (1979)? Yes, and agree excellent. His album “Stealing Fire” (1984) is also excellent.

Excellent album. I'd recommend the remastered version from 2002. The one from 1979, while a very nice listen, is fairly rolled off on the top. The remaster fixes this without being bright or aggressive at all.
There is a half speed mastered version of this CBS I believe probably the best sounding record I own - sound quality and music are both amazing...
I have nearly all of Cockburn's music, I know of only a handful of artists with such consistently great recordings and song writing over such a long career
While I love Bruce, and he has been my favorite artist for decades, this is one of my least favorite. I have pretty much everything he has released and have seen him many times so am quite familiar with his discography, including the new boxed set. He indeed is one of a few truly great and prolific artists. Well worth a look into on any of the streaming services.

Are you carefully reading us= past posts/your learning ..
 thereby asking questions you feel others will gladly respond to???

Is/are your posts a facade? A way to increase your "good feeling" while others are unwilling to make the effort to look into your posting experience?????
A don't really look at it that way.  I just do not mind sharing my experiences with others.  Everyone is entitles to their thoughts.  I just have been listening for such a long time that their may be some that are not aware of some of these gems.  I have been listening to Linda Ronstadt a lot lately.  Her recordings are among the best I have ever heard and you get them for about 2 dollars a pop.  Definitely demonstration quality.  Her voice will test just how well your table can track, music is great and I doubt that many will find much better recordings.  So if someone sees it and it has positively impacted their listening experience, that's great.  If they dont like it, they will not read it or listen.  Steve Hoffman's forum is great as I have learned a lot from it.