Bruce Edgar

Bruce Edgar has passed away.

Thank you Bruce for your contributions to our little world, and for your boundless, contagious, joyous enthusiasm. 

Rest in Peace.

Here is an interview that may be of some interest:

As well as some information here:
I met Dr. Edgar a number of times at the audio shows and a friend of mine has owned a number of his speakers. His Titans were really amazing. RIP
I had the great pleasure of meeting Bruce at one of the shows in Las Vegas. I'd already built a pair of his Edgarhorns and a Seismic subwoofer by going the DIY route -- using his "salad bowls" for the midrange horns, his horn shells for the LF, and the plywood Seismic horn shell for the subwoofer. It was great to speak with him and share some pictures of what I built. It was also my introduction to Cy Brenneman who was showing his innovative amplifiers with Bruce. I ordered a Cavalier Plus and have to say match between Bruce's horn designs and Cy's electronics was made in heaven.
I'm very sorry to learn of his passing. He was a very generous and sharing spirit.
Steve Z
I owned Bruce's Titan ll with seismic sub speakers for 13 years. They were built for me in his shop in LA....all 1100 lbs. of them and I visited there before committing to buy.  I will never forget the thrill ride from LAX to his shop in his van. He was great friends with Cy Brennaman and I had his amp. when Bruce visited here.
I was fortunate and honored that Bruce was here at my home in Nebraska back in 2007 to show a client the speakers. He was a blast to be around, was a dedicated horn speaker designer with impeccable knowledge, and was sincere to his word. We stayed up until 2:00 in the AM telling jokes and he even entertained my 90 lb. lab and my wife was laughing as hard as me.
While here we ate some of the best steak around in Omaha, he got to hear an Avantgarde Trio system with bass horns, and we tweaked and listened to my system for hours. In the end, he gave me some ideas on modifications to my room and the speakers some of which I used to enhance the system.
Those who knew Bruce were fortunate and certainly will never forget his presence. What a great fun guy he was and his knowledge of horn design will forever be in legend status.
Blessings to his family and friends at this sorrowful time. 
RIP Bruce.
Gary Walters