Bruce Springsteen, We are alive...

After reading the cover story in the new Rolling Stone I've come to appreciate the new albums lyrics in a whole new light. After weeks of listening in the car only two or three tracks blew me away, to religious and Irish sounding for me as well as over produced. Having bought the vinyl its a whole new ball of wax (bad pun intended).
Not since Another side of Bob Dylan has an album had the political impact to me as this one. When I played We are alive on my stereo I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Where does a man find it in his soul to write such a song? Rocky road gave me goosebumps when the girl started rapping and Land of hope and dreams is as good as it gets. I wonder what Bob Dylan thinks of this new album. If you know him ask him for me.
Its posts like yours that make me buy music without stopping to sample, usually leading to disappointment.
I am assuming you are talking about "Wrecking Ball", the new Bruce Springsteen album?

I have listened to this three times through, on three different days. I really didn't care for it. Sorry, but the last few Springsteen albums just haven't been my cup of tea I'm afraid.

He's a great talent and I love his earlier stuff.
I love his more political work, including Nebraska and Joad. I really love this new album, which I think is in line with these. The last two albums felt like he was dialing it in whereas this album seems more in tune to his anger at the times. I still love his second albu, which is my favorite, but this album is slowly growing on me.
This record (Wrecking Ball) has taken a very long time to grow on me - but it has. I don't love it, but I do like it quite a bit now. I'm a big, long-time fan, so I give Bruce's records a little more time to "sink in". I guess my summary at the moment would be that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. By the way, "from an audiophile perspective", I find this much, much better than Magic and Working on a Dream. In fact, except for distortion artifacts (some of them clearly purposeful), it's very good - especially for rock and roll! And the bass! On a great system that will do strong and deep bass, it's impressive and satisfying in that area.
It appears that Max now just "pounds" the drums as opposed to "playing" the drums. He used to be one of my favorite drummers but now he's just predicable and boring.