bryston 14b or M Fidelity nu-vista m3

Any opinions on the above with nautilus 804 speakers. If I buy the 14bst I will use my Linn Wakonda pre amp. I will sell my Wakonda if i purchase the m3 integrated. The m3 sounded more open to me and slightly warmer than the 14b.
Has anybody tried these amps?
The M3 will smoke the Wakonda/14bst combination. More open, dynamic, smoother cleaner highs and more detailed low end are the hallmarks of this great integrated. The only other integrated that can come close is the $6500 Mark Levinson 383. It will work wonders with the B&W N804 as long as the sources are up to it.
Everything I've seen and heard about the M3 would say to go for it over the Bryston/Linn combo. It seems like you prefer it also. Go with your gut.
IMHO, to say that one would SMOKE the other is pure BS. It would be best to listen to them both in your own environment, then make the decision. To me slightly warmer does not equate to smoked! Both Bryston and MF make excellent equipment, and as I stated earlier it would be best to listen with your equipment, then decide.
The 14b is way too much amp for the 804s. I was able to pop the woofers on the 802s with a 4b. Bryston makes excellent products. Go for the 4b. By the way, the preamp really makes a bigger difference on the warmth of the sound than the amp. Go for a tube pre with the Bryston amp. Really, most of the 14bs power will be just wasted on the 804s. I have 6 pairs of B&Ws and 2 Brystons so I have a lot of experience. E mail me if you want to talk more.
Alright i have never heard the bryston amp but i do own the nuvista amp. I also own the plinius Sa - 250 Mk. IV and the mark levinson 380. preamp. The nu vista m3 is better than these 12,500 dollar top of the line well chosen components. I have a/b'd the two exstensively and can definitely say that if i had the choice between the two i would take the M3. Now i am not saying that it is better than the combo in every way. The bass is not as pucnhy, powerful or strong and the soundstage is not as wide. The detail and musicality of the M3 is better however by a large margin. I really think you should get the M3 it is one of the best bargains i have ever seen at its retail price. I have done a lot of research on it and it really essentially is in almost every way slightly better versions of the nu vista 300 and the nu vista preamp in one box. So i really see the list price of the M3 as 7500.00 and not 4500.00 because it really is a 7500.00 dollar component. BTW where did you find an M3 these days and how much are you paying for it? Thanks - Ian