Bryston 28 sst's vs Spectron Musician 3 SE ?

I was wondering if anyone has compared both the newish Bryston kw monoblock amps; the 28 sst's; which received rave reviews vs the the class D Spectron Musician 3; rated at around 600 watts, for the pair of monoblocks; in the same ball park on price, $16k for the pair of Bryston; and around the same for the Spectron. I am looking to replace my MBL 8011's powering my MBL 111'es; looking for 'warmth' in the highs, and more punch in the base; with detail and openness...I feel my current amps are not quite powerful enough to fully open my low impedence speakers; at 4 ohms...
Or if people might suggest other high power ss amps to consider; I'm open to other recommendations..The new Musical Fidelity Tritans are a bit out of my range; as are the mbl 9008's...

Thanks in advance for suggestions and recommendations.
FWIW I had the 7BSST's in my system for a few years and recently heard the 28's and just thought they were more "balls to the walls" but very similar sonic signature. Now I have the Spectron monoblocks with Bybee and oil cap upgrades and would never even consider changing them for anything else (and I have had big tube monoblocks as well). Once you have the Spectrons, you only look to improve your system in other parts of the signal chain.

I did find however, that the Spectrons need a balanced power mains supply to be at their best and they will let you hear the difference between different power cords.
I figured I should post so others can read.

I picked up a pair of 28 Squared mono's recently so my system would not be down in between listening to other amps as some times this can happen from time to time and you have to wait for a bit.

My most recent amps being CAT JL3 Sig. MKII mono's, and recently demoed MBL 9008, the big 9011's.

My speakers are MBL 101E's

I have never heard the Spectrons in my set-up, almost pulled the trigger at one time but it just didn't feel right after receiving certain info. When you add up the costs of the two upgrades above the base price the list price is really up there also and I'm sure a new version will be coming out soon.

So back to the Bryston 28 SQ mono's, I must say I am absolutely shocked with the performance to date and only getting better and these are the only solid state amps that I have ever heard in my set-up which had me wondering if there where actually tubes inside. They are the first amps that I truly have been able to listen to at very low volume and really enjoyed, 1st watt sounds as the same as the last watt over 1k into 8 ohms that is.

The amps are truly Bryston build quality with a fabulous warranty to boot.

They just get better and better every day.

A buddy had dropped by unannounced one day, we were chatting and he could hear the system playing. My buddy is an absolute tube and vinyl fanatic and feels nothing else compares period so when he sees solid state or digital he just disqualifies it period. Well my friend comments to me saying "boy those Cat's are really sounding sweet" and goes on and says "the bass is so realistic possibly the best I've ever heard" he asked could he have a quick listen. Well all I can tell you is he could not stop cursing when he saw what he was actually listening to and just could not believe it and went on and on, the quick listen turned into 2 hours and then some.

I will say I'm shocked with these also, at the beginning they really did not do anything for me but after some hours of burn in well it's a whole different story.

Now I do have each plugged into a separate Torus RM20 unit and these do work and are a must if you truly want to hear what these amps are capable of.

I have a tube pre-amp ARC REF3 mated up and it sounds nice so I would recomend a tube pre.

Regarding the two amps Mribob, if you can get both in for a comparison in your own system I would do it but just make sure both are well broken-in and with the Bryston you use the Torus 20's with them and if possible a tube pre-amp and then let us know what the outcome is. I would like to hear the Spectrons in my set-up to compare but Radicalsteve mentioned the REF3 is not compatible and I'm not about to just go out and buy another pre to listen to these amps, my REF3 has worked with every other amp I have ever had or demoed with no issues what so ever.

My thoughts anyways.

Not quite what you are asking for, but i went from the NuForce 9 SE V2 to the Bryston 28s after a year (or longer) search for new amps. I once lived with the 3BST and the 4BSST and the 28s are a sonic departure for Bryston. I did enjoy the former buy I could not commit to them with my dollar vote. I most closely compared the 28s to the Clayton M300s, which were really "tubie", perhaps to a fault.

I found the Brystons' to be just about everything i could ask the look, the build quality, the warranty and the sound.

As you are able to home demo both your options, obviously, you will make the best call for you, but I do hope you post your findings.

Good luck and enjoy the search, John

god point about my experience with the Ref3 - which I loved with my SF Power 3's, but I guess there must have been an impedance miss match with the Spectrons. Just to be clear, I would have no problem with the 28's as my permanent solution either - although I never had them in my system, my experience with the 7BSST's was great and interestingly, with my current set up, they might have made the cut as the power amps. Problem is, it is all about system synergy, and that is why buying used gear on the web is probably not the final solution versus demoing a complete system in your room with the back up your local dealer.

I know I have to use the web to buy gear because I don't have a local dealer in the city (Ottawa) who is capable of working with me to get the right system in place. When I lived in Toronto, I bought my gear from a retail dealer who knew more than I did!!

Hi Mribob

A few months ago, I was looking amplifier for myself. As you I have selected a few amps to test including Bryston and Spectron. I have had opportunity to audition Bryston in the dealer showroom. Very good amplifier but it did not "touch" me.

I bought slightly used Spectron upon condition that if I will not like it in my system I can return it. As a matter of fact, I fall in love with Spectron and more I listen the more I like it. A few days ago, I got another one to run in monoblock modes and I did not realize before how good, how REALISTIC sound can be. I love it.

I am not pushing you on Spectron - different people have different tastes. However, I urge you to test it. Get it (much better monoblocks if you can afford them) ONLY upon condition that if you will not like them then you can return them.

Just be careful, these amps when new are tend to sound a bit mechanical and a few hundred of hours of break-in is really ESSENTIAL.

Somebody mention that he is scared that Spectron will introduce a new version of this amp. I spoke with Simon Thacher, a few weeks ago. He is not the owner, he works in design for a few companies so he does not have particular interest in Spectron only and I, may be wrongly, trust him and I like him. Well, according to him no Mk3 is on horizon and he does not see it in near future. Take it for what its worth

All The Luck in this wonderful process of searching "paradise".