Bryston 28B SST

For those of you who have heard the new Bryston 28B SSTs - are they as good as the reviews I have read? From reading these reviews I almost get the impression they can drive any speaker from a highly efficient horn to an inefficient planar speaker and sound great. Are they a major leap from the 14B or 7B or just a bit better?
Hi, I don't see mention "SQUARED" which is their latest design and in my opinion the one you should be looking at, if you read past threads of mine you will be able to get some info. In the end you should get a pair to hear in your own system.

I replace CAT JL3 Sig. MKII $40K mono blocks with the Bryston 28 Squared mono blocks each paired up with a RM20 Torus unit. My personal preference is to have solid state amps paired up with a tube pre-amp.

Audio Research matches up nicely with Bryston using balanced interconects, I replaced my long term ARC REF3 with a VAC Sig. MKIIa pre and with these two paired up my MBL 101E's are very very happy.

A freind has B&W D's speakers and paired them up with the 7's Squared and ARC pre hoping to save some money not having to go to the 28's being told by others that the 28's were just over kill. My friend pleaded and begged me to bring mine over to compare which I did, well all I can say is it was a no contest and he now owns 28's paired up with RM20's as I do. I have read others sugest the 7's sonics are similar to the 28's but just with less power, I have to disagree from what I heard in this specific set-up.

I have had many conversations with others personaly emailing me, most have been shocked with my choice in misbelief and all I could say is try for your self. Well I can say these individules are now proud owners, I know of many who have since replaced many world class amps from 2000 series Boulder, MBL 9008 and 9011 mono blocks and others.

I have never personally heard 28's paired up with high efficient horn speakers as of yet but was reading another persons exspeariences whom has done such with great sucess and from what was replaced I have to say I was shocked my self, I would have never thought this was possible but in the end this person is a reliable source so I don't see any reason for a hidden agenda but in the end to achieve the ultimate. I know what I have heard in my own set-up so anything is possible, in the end all I can say is 2 thumbs up to Bryston. Boy did I ever luck out because it was never planned out this way, the only reason I purchased mine was so that my system would not be down while waiting for others to arive and compare.

My amp search has ended and I now just enjoy listening to music, I don't look at amps anymore. There are just two on my mine I would like to hear but they would just be an addition as they are tube mono blocks and would not be a replacement, Joule Destiny 350's and my real preference because I'm so thrilled with my VAC pre would be the VAC 450 mono's but at $70K list asking price and not being able to hear first in my set-up without any commitment is just to risky, so unless that happens I don't see that purchase ever happening.

My believe is if any manufacture producing this level of product "Joule Destiny 350's or VAC 450's" should have the confidence in such that they would want to get their product of such into hands of indivdules such as my self, in the end the product should sell it's self if it's as good as they sugest and the rest would be history. You would think that they would also realize that others would be listening along with reading so future sales from others would be possible and most likely follow, this is the best sales tool they will ever have in life period.
I brought home the new 28Bsst2 , I was looking for more power , and I got it , but the aging Levenson # 431 200wpc that it would have replaced , was sonicly better in every way . When I took the 28B back the salesman admitted that several other folks that owned levenson gear had also taken the 28b home for a demo and returned it . I have owned several Bryston products and have nothing bad to say about any of them , but it just didnt work out this time . I guess ( try before you buy ) applies as usual .
The first time I ever got what the SET group was raving about was when I inserted the 28B Squared into my system. I am a tube guy through and through but when I placed these in my system nothing had come close in the past. I own Soundlab A-1's which are a bear to drive but these things can make them growl or purr like a kitty. Great amps IMHO! Good luck.
Hello Dev,

Joule-Electra Destiny (VZN-300) cost is much less then $70k - I believe its about $20k but can't be sure.

What is interesting that Joule-Electra is experiencing "Renaissance", now, and have so many orders that you will have to wait a number of months before your product will be shipped to you. MY friend placed order for their "latest and greatest" LA-450ME preamp and was told that at best it will be shipped toward end of December...
Tmsorosk, Levenson #431 200wpc, was sonicly better in every way.

Please tell us more because it's very hard for me to comprehend what you wrote, I have had a few of the Lev amps in my set-up but not the one you mentioned.

Kindly elaborate further, what your set-up consisted of etc.

Hi Dob,
yes I'm aware the Destiny (I have been told there is a 350) is much less than the $70K LIST VAC 450 mono's. If I was going to try Joule product I would want to pair it up with that pre also.