bryston 28bsst2 / mag's 3.7

I'm looking for a preamp to go along with my bryston 28bsst2 and mag's 3.7. Should I stay with bryston or look at tub preamps.
Take a look at the BAT VK-43SE SS preamp. I have used the Bat VK-42SE (previous model) with many Bryston amps (up to 7B-SST) and it was a great match. I love the BAT pre-amp. I used to own the Bryson BP25 but that was a very long time ago and nowhere in the class of the BAT.
Not true. Their top of the line BP26 is an overlooked and ignored gem. No treble grit or grain with a solid bass and a clean midrange. Contrary to the untrue belief that Bryston doesn't do soundstaging and depth, this will portray it beautifully if it is there in the recording. A dead silent and solidly built product. It competes with the best solid state preamps out there. It's been on the market for a long time because Bryston got it right the first time.
I agree with Theduke, I dumped my Bryston amp and kept my BP6 which, according to folks at Bryston, is essentialy the same as BP26 and it does just what Theduke says.
You got rid of the the 28BSST2s? That's the best amp Bryston has made to date! Why? And kept the BP6? Lol. I *have* the BP6, and it's nowhere in the league of Accuphase, McInotsh, Pass Labs, Luxman, etc. No, it's not a bad preamp-for the price-but the other preamps mentioned handily outdo it.