Bryston 28bsst2 worthy upgrade from a krell fpb70?

I am using a magnepan mg 20.7, i was wondering if the bryston 28bsst2 is in the same league or better than my older krell fpb700? The krell is already 11 years old and am thinking of moving on to something new. Btw preamp is a jadis jps2

Thanks in advance
Hi dasign, I had krell do a special job to my amp, every capacitor in the entire amp was replaced by caps that are not oem to this model krell, these caps were not available in 2005, then I also had the power supplies tweaked, I have sent this amp back to krell a few times for further mods, costly!, anyway, funny you have said something about Furutech, LOL!, I have the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlet on my digital now, however, I just did a vey long a/b testing with the Gold and Rhodium GTX-D outlet's for the 700cx here, agonizing actually, I must have changed wpo's in the wall between four different wpo's 25 times or more, I am not kidding about that, I am also addresseing the wall plug on the fixed ac cord, I do not know where to get an IEC done on this amp, krell does not have any more back plates for the amp, and they do not do machine work on the back plates for this amp for customers, unless you could help, I am getting the Furutech FI-50 Rhodium wall plug, also, I am putting a 30 amp single pole breaker on my amp as krell specified, krell claim's that the amp will run smoother and have a bigger better sound stage, I do have the 3/1 solid core copper 10 awg Romex I installed myself, so everything is set for the single pole 30 amp breaker, currently, I have a Tara Labs Cobalt with oyaide termination's power cord on my digital with the first GTX-D R is, also, I am putting the synerjistic research REDS fuses in the amp, one of my next moves, krell sent me a hand wrench to take the top plate off, I will have to have four of the directional fuses, large fast blow fuses, exspensive here too, $400.00 for the 4 of them, as you can see, I am still building here, the bulk of the modds have been done, but I am further tricking this amp out, any advice is welcome, thankyou for you reply, Happy new year.
Hi Lecram,
I have had my Bryston 28B SST2 monos for several years now and I am still very happy with it.
Going by what you already have, the Brystons are a good match with the Maggies and Jadis tubed preamp. Maggies are usually demoed at shows with Bryston amps. The Brystons can sound a wee bit dry, so mating it with the Jadis would balance things out quite nicely. I use a Jeff Rowland preamp which provides a nice touch of warmth to my system.
Of course, if you have any opportunity to bring either the Brystons or another Krell home for an audition before committing, that would be ideal.
Happy listening. J.

Your my kind of audiophile :-). I had the same issue asking Krell to install IEC inlet to the back of my monoblocks. Gave me the same reasons they gave you. So I decided to do the job myself. Basically you need some basic electronics skills (I'm a qualified technician) to cut incoming AC wires inside the amp. This will leave you with a big whole in the backplate once you take off the dedicated AC cord. Draw the exact slot you will need to install the Furutech inlet and drill as much wholes you can and finish up with a series of metal files to get rid of remaining metal. This is a painstaking job which will take you a few hours. If you do this job migth as well do the Bybee AC purifiers.

All my wall plates are Furutech, Rhodium for the amps and gold for the rest. Running dedicated 15 A breakers for each amp. I have tried the Synergistic Research Red fuses on my DAC and they are worth all the money. I will install them in my Krell as well.

I may change my mind now about replacing these babies, with all the love and work put in to these :-)
I guess we can hear from Lecram whether he would like to mod his old krell amps.
Hi Dasign, I recieved the Furutech GTX-D R early, saturday, Thought about burning it in on the refrigerator, then it dawned on me that the Krell 700cx would cook the outlet quicker, he,ha,he,,,, installed brand new out the box, I was in awe, very pleased, a complete Furutech GTX-D Rhodium set-up was incredible!, made the amp sing like it was a whole more costlier amp, I could not believe it, you see, when I auditioned the Rhodium on the 700cx with the Rhodium that is now on the digital, I had a bass suck out, my only explaination is that when I kept the 20 amp industrial wpo on the digital while I a/b the Gold and rhodium on the krell, the Rhodium's did not work with mixing outlet's, there is no other answer here, also Dasign, I did mix the Furutech GTX-D Gold and Rhodium on the same system, that my friend was the worst sound ever, talking about a train wreck, they were actually working against each other, one pulling one way, the other the other way with sound, useing all the same furutech GTX-D Rhodium's in my system is a complete hit and home run, incredible sounding, I am shocked really,this sounds so good now, I cannot imagine the out come with complete burn-in of the two, the first Rhodium that is on the digital has 300hrs on it now, lol, the new one has 3 hrs, get this, when I first started burning in the first Rhodium, it was bright for 3 hrs listening through head phones, that went away after the initial 3 hrs, so for the brand new one not to be bright, and have the best bass I ever herd out of a krell, this is incredible to me, I can just jug along and listen to the system, it's very listenable now, that is the incredible part of what I am saying., about those sr-reds, they are directional Dasign, I talked to the inventor/designer of the fuses the at the Sr factory, you have to flip the fuses one way to the other one at a time to find out which direction sounds best, you have to get all four fuses direction correct for full potential sound performance, that is what sr factory told me, have you done this?, if not, best to do it to get your potential out of the fuses, thankyou for the kind words, look forward to your reply.