Bryston 28bsst2 worthy upgrade from a krell fpb70?

I am using a magnepan mg 20.7, i was wondering if the bryston 28bsst2 is in the same league or better than my older krell fpb700? The krell is already 11 years old and am thinking of moving on to something new. Btw preamp is a jadis jps2

Thanks in advance
Guys i am not from the US, im from a jungle in asia, hahaha, so modding my krell would be close to impossible, i do know the older service tech doing repairs here for krell in our country, i am not sure how many caps needs to be replaced for full recapping though, and the approx cost of the parts and the amount of labor to be done.

Before i have owned bryston 4bsst2 driving mg 1.7, when i bought the used fpb700 and compared it with the 4bsst2, the krell was a lot better then, warmer, relaxed and more musical, but was thinking this is the smaller brystons and thought maybe the 28bsst2 would be a lot better than the 4Bsst2.

If i can find a jeff rowland 8tihc here in our country i would also be interested, i do know the dealer have sold i think 3 units here back in the 90's, maybe i should hunt the owners down and make an offer? Thought the rowlands might also mate well witht he jadis pre...
Hi Lecram,

I had my 2 FPB 350 MCX recapped for $750/amp if I recall correctly. I've opened up the Krells a few times and I would only give that job to Krell factory and nobody else. There is a lot of boards to be taken apart and once caps are replaced, there is probably a few DC bias adjustments to be done. If the tech you know did local Krell repairs, you migth want to contact him to see what is exactly involved.

So if the 4 BssT2 did not sound as good as your Krell FPB 700, I would like to think that the 28 Bsst2 would best the 4 Bsst2, but by how much? Would also think that the Bryston house sound would also be kept in the 28 Bsst2...Would the 28 Bsst2 be better than your Krell? That is the question...

I've just ordered my SR Red fuses for my Krell monoblocks. Will take 2 weeks to come in. Will keep you posted on the results.
Hi Lecram, there is some up-grades you can do your self, warning, takes 700hrs to full burn-in, however, you will be shocked at the out come, it is a must for you to get the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlets on your entire system, and get the furutech FI-50 Rhodium power cord plug for the Krell and plug it into the furutech GTX-D rhodium outlet, wala, magic man!!!!!!, you will hear a substantial improvement at 250 hrs out of the 700 hrs, get back to me on the cable thread, Tara Labs cables if you do this huge on the cheap up-grade, it's like a componet change, brings the best out of krell for sure, cheers.
Hi Lecram, I took a peek at the Bryston 28B sst2 mono blocks, the noise floor is right below 115db, and the transformers for the power supply is a mere 2,000 kva in each amp, the stock form krell 700cx has two 4,000 kva transformers in the power supply that is a total of 8,000 kva, and the stock form noise floor to the 700cx is 120db, so no, I do not believe spending nearly $20,000.00 on these amp's are worth it period, really, your 700cx will out perform most amp's in the $20,000.00 class range anyway,The 700cx is class A, and the Bryston is class a/b, also, the bryston does 1,000 watts, the 700 cx will do 1,800 watts a channel to your speakers on a 2ohm load, krell did us all a favor on the original price for the 700cx, a bargain for real, they could have got alot more money for these amp's compaired to what is available today.