Bryston 4B gets HOT. Should I leave it on?

My 4B is 25 years old and gets smoking hot. I sherk my hand when I touch it. Is this seem normal for an old amplifier? It's off the ground and I'm going to add a fan near it to help ventilate...

My entire room gets warm because of it! I would rather turn it off when not in use to 1) save power and 2) reduce the heat buidup. However, I've been told that leaving it on is both better SOUNDING and EASIER on the components (less wear and tear). What do you guys think? Can I turn this oven off?
Yes Hugh, send it in for service!

I run a pair of 7B-ST's & after a 2-4 hour listening session they only get warm to the touch.

I would stop running it, you may wind up doing more damage if you don't.
Agreed, I haven't turned it back on after it did that twice. Warm would be fine but not this. Hopefully I don't already have damage.

Send it to Bryston. That is indeed atypical behavior and as such is in need of a competent tech's attention. I doubt you'll have to worry about any repair charges. They are a top flight company that takes customer service seriously. (I know this from personal experience.)
El: I can hear cable changes in all of my systems, not just this one. This one is tough though as one cable change means changing at least two at a time and possible up to eight all at once. That's why i either buy used or build my own. So far, i've been lucky enough to find phenomenal deals ($0.10 - $0.20 on a dollar ) on very long runs of high quality cables. Since i'm handy enough to cut and terminate them myself and have so many systems and cables, i'm thousands and thousands of dollars ahead compared to what i might be if buying new.

As far as Bryston goes, they have what is probably the best customer service / warranty in the industry. B&K also does a very nice job handling product problems, but not quite in the same league as Bryston. Obviously, the Bryston warranty speaks volumes in itself. Sean