Bryston 7B (not SST or higher) still Viable Option

Been finding some Bryston 7B’s for sale.  I am guessing 1st generation but I am not sure because I recall Bryston’s original 7B were basically modified 4B’s. I believe those had a flat plane faceplate.   I have always wanted a pair but I will never be able to spend the dollars needed to buy any or the newer units.

are these still a viable option?  Are they known for any issues as they get older?  Anything I should look for?

I had an original 3B, was the original owner since 1982 or so.  I had it fixed once when it was about 18 years old, was blowing fuses in one channel.  Bryston fixed and brought up to spec free under warranty, though I had to pay shipping one way. 

Same 3B had a channel die last year.  I called Bryston, and they still service the unit (probably same generation as the 7B).  However, they wanted $500 flat fee to fix it, and they sell used/serviced for around $700 - $800.  So I decided to sell it as is and got $350 for it which I considered a win.

Keep in mind, if you don't have the original factory packaging, you need to buy if from Bryston.  They won't accept anything not packaged with their packaging.

One repair 38 years says they're reliable.  The only question is how were the 7B's treated by the previous owners.
Thank you all for the info. Yes the capacitor thing of course is an issue with any amp
Well as I was looking at a set of Jeff Rowland monoblocks, a pair of 7BST’s from 1998 single owner original packaging hit eBay.  Location was 3 blocks from my office.  Near mint condition.  Took this as a sign and bought them.