Bryston 9B ST FIVE CHANNEL vs Rotel RMB-1585 5ch

What is the consensus among you?

I have a new Marantz av7704 and B&W cdm9nt's 

What is a better buy, and what will my B&Ws most benefit?

Used Bryston 9B 5ch OR A new/ish Rotel RMB-1585??

Looks like A-gon has a Bryston for $1700ish. I can get a new/ish Rotel 1585 for about $2k

Best choice is :
The Rotel RMB-1585 retails for $3k new. Unless if you can find a used one for around $2k ish. 
That Bryston is pretty old and you might run into issues and will probably need re-capped. 
Will Bryson recap it under warranty for free? Or does there actually need to be an issue found? 

Have any idea what a recap generally would cost?

If both were in new condition... which would be a better performing unit ?

bryston just replaced the power supply on a 10 year old preamp i have of theirs for free.  My amp is a classe that is 20 years old and still hits all its specs.  Modern caps will last a lot longer than some people think.  I think the bryston is the better buy.
I think the Rotel RMB-1585 will be a better choice for your B&W speakers. They will pair really well together. 
@lightfighter2018 Rotel is nice but the specs say only 4 Ohms minimum. I am sure it can do 3 Ohm as others are using it.