Bryston 9B ST FIVE CHANNEL vs Rotel RMB-1585 5ch

What is the consensus among you?

I have a new Marantz av7704 and B&W cdm9nt's 

What is a better buy, and what will my B&Ws most benefit?

Used Bryston 9B 5ch OR A new/ish Rotel RMB-1585??

Looks like A-gon has a Bryston for $1700ish. I can get a new/ish Rotel 1585 for about $2k

Best choice is :

Thanks. I think I will go for the Rotel after all. It would be ’new’ and I think it would be a good fit.

Given the following information: I have the ability to acquire Audioquest ICs and PCs at a steep discount. Given my setup - Marantz av7704, Rotel RMB-1585, B&W speakers, Kimber Kable 8TCs -- do you have any experience with AQ gears - and if so -- which product line will return the best bang for the buck?


If there is a better choice for ICs and PCs... I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

If you want go with Class A/B there is ATI AT4005 a beast second only to its larger sibiling. I think an overkill for surrounds. Used ones are rare I guess most of them just keep them. 

Thanks will keep that in mind. I believe the ATI stuff is top notch as well. 

Do you have any insight into whether or not the Monoprice ATI clone is worthy of an audition?
@lightfighter2018 why not?, but I think Monoprice is based off of ATI 1800 rather than the 4000 or the 6000 series, I could be wrong. From what I read 4000 is really good. You could go 3 channel with 4000 and buy anything for surrounds like Emotiva bass-x A300 or something which is just $400(can find used a bargain).

Again you have a lot of good choice, try getting something that is over engineered. Like a great value for 3 channel stable to 2 Ohm. You can call Odyssey they may discount it further. You get better parts and build quality when compared to Rotel or Marantz etc. You will be pleasantly surprised with the sound quality you are getting for such a low price :).

Save money on IC and cables, I can whole heartedly recommend for cables, no BS cables but a tad better than blue jeans in build still you won't hear a difference compared to blue jeans, keep the cables short and save money on Kimber and AQ and use those funds for amp. 

Thanks.  I have read that folks were having issues with CS with Odyssey so I scratched them off the list.

If I do a 2 ch -- won't the center sound 'off' if it is amplified by a different 'brand' of amplifier?

I understand about the surrounds - not as important to me anyhow... I was mainly concerned with solid power to LCR.

But if I can get a 2ch and save some cash - maybe that would allow for either other mods or a new sub.

Thanks again.  Will check out benchmark.