Bryston 9B ST FIVE CHANNEL vs Rotel RMB-1585 5ch

What is the consensus among you?

I have a new Marantz av7704 and B&W cdm9nt's 

What is a better buy, and what will my B&Ws most benefit?

Used Bryston 9B 5ch OR A new/ish Rotel RMB-1585??

Looks like A-gon has a Bryston for $1700ish. I can get a new/ish Rotel 1585 for about $2k

Best choice is :
@lightfighter2018, I am assuming you are going to use a AV processor that calibrates the speakers for you to watch movies. That will take care of gain difference in using different amplifiers. There is no need to get same amp for LCR. Same amp for L/R yes but not LCR. The gain difference should not be large however like 6 or 10 dB most amplifiers have gain between 26 and 30. Stick to 26 area and you are good.

I a not sure where you heard about CS issues, but folks at audiocircle are quite happy with Klaus @ Odyssey, he personally responds and takes care of every customer if I am not mistaken. They are a small shop, you are looking for value for $ so I pointed them to you, everything is hand built and 20 year warranty. Real HiFi sound on the cheap. Similarly used Parasound are quite good value, they are stable till 2 Ohm again well engineered.

Marantz AV7704

Comments I saw were personal exp from folks here at A-gon so I paused on the Odyssey.

I REALLY appreciate your assist.  I am always looking for good info. Just sharing back what I ran across re: odyssey.

Do you think Odyssey would be a good fit for my b&Ws?

My one concern with the Rotel was whether or not it was stable to 2ohms - my speakers spend time at 3 ohms... so I did think about that a bit.

And will 150w be enough for my CDMs?
@lightfighter2018 Since you have $2k budget I wanted to point you to Odyssey. See no one needs 100 Watts all the time. Your amp must supply sufficient current and voltage swings when needed. I am sure Rotel is the most good looking all rounder but do you need 200 Watts for your surrounds?, I would bet no. The odyssey amps can run in high bias Class A, i.e is what makes the difference. 

Think about it, if you want to optimize 2 channel the most then get 2 + 3 i.e two amps. You can skimp on 3 channel amp.

For the budget I would shop like this 1. Used Parasound Halo 2 channel, 2. Used ATI 4003/4002 + ATI 1800 2/3 channel, 3. Used / New Odyssey 2 or 3 channel. 

The saved funds for 2 or 3 channel cheap amp.

My story to power 3 channels (new speakers):
2 Channel evaluation:

  a. Benchmark AHB2, Class Benchmark
  b. Line Magnetic 805IA integrated, Class A SET
  c. Hypex NC500 from Apollon/Nord., Class D

I got myself both AHB2 and LM-805ia, still contemplating on how to get my hands on class D modules economically. I would keep one of the three amps. Also want to evaluate AHB2 in bridged mode.

Center Channel:
  a. Emotiva A-300, lot of people are happy but it has fans inside, I like passive heatsinks, very economical.
  b. Again Hypex NC500 mono block or ICEpower 1200AS2 (look at this, super economical and high current class D). Four channels each at 620W @ 8 Ohm. Do not listen to people who say class D sucks you listen to Class D everywhere. New class D amps have high switching frequency and and most people who have bad impression are people who listen to distortion of tube amps or listened to older class D amps, which were not good.

I want to spend as much less as possible to get the best of my speakers. The rule of thumb is if you are getting Class A/B amp you need to know what is the class A bias of the amp, getting a very low bias amp means you will have lot of cross over distortion and also get a good implementation. 

Again you cannot go wrong with Rotel, it is a good as it gets for 5 channel package and if you are getting it for $2k new and not $3k I would just check it out.

I'd go with the Rotel as well as I had it in my system for about a year. Sound was great though it does take up a lot of room. Seriously consider replacing that Marantz pre amp though. I had the same until I went to the NAD M17V2 and its night and day different. Granted it's a pretty penny more but I heard as much or more of a difference in upgrading my pre as I did the amps.

Appreciate all of the wisdom.

It is exactly what I am looking for:

Best bang for the buck within a reasonable budget - that will make the most out of my B&Ws.

I realize they are not the best. But they are what I have and so I just want an amp that makes them sound great, and that has enough horsepower ( I know that is not the right term, but you get the idea.

My biggest concern was that there are certain amps that will be 'better' with my current gear. Marantz AV7704 and B&W; some amps will NOT make these gears sound as good as others.  I know Rotel works well with B&W, which is why it was on the short list.

However, if there are other amps that will provide better performance, higher quality product etc for my LR -- I am far more interested in that, rather than sticking to a particular brand. 

Not really focused on how the amps look. As they will in a cabinet largely unseen.

Can you comment on the above amps you mention ( except the emotiva ) and how they would be a good fit with my B&Ws... 

Wide stage, forward sound, sweet midrange, heavy meaty bass, etc... I have no idea if Odyssey can offer that... it may be a better built product ... but how does it sound? :)

If Odyssey or ATI is where its at -- I am all in. I just don't have the luxury of wasting money.