Bryston BCD-1 compared to more expensive players?

Just wondering if anyone has compared the Bryston cd player to players well beyond its price point..Like 4-5 times its price?? I currently have one on loan and I'm thinking it is quite amazing and have yet to hear anything as good around its price but have only directly compared it to an onkyo dx7555(completely out of the brystons league) and a Classe Cdp202-which I think it is also much better than, besides the Classe being a lot more expensive.
Any comments?

Not to say anything negative about the Bryston, I previously owned Bryston pre and power amplification and was very happy with it until I evetually upgraded to the Krell FPB cx series. I did audition the BCD-1 last year and did some careful listening and feature comparisons to the Cambridge Audio 840c. While I felt they were close in audible performance, I also concluded that the feature/performance/$$$ ratio favored the Cambridge player and so I purchased one. The Bryston player's performance was solid though. It's just that I was looking for the sound and DACs that I got with the Cambridge.
Don, could you be more specific as I was going to buy the Bryston, to replace my Shanling, but am now interested in the Sony. Thanks.
The Sony SCD-XA5400ES is more natural, and has more depth, space, and smooth sound compared to the Bryston BCD-1.

The Bryston BCD-1 is sharp and dry sounding, with less depth!
You should try to audition them at home,with your gear,room,
music ect.
I auditioned three players,an Arcam(top player then),
Bryston BCD-1 and an ARC CD-7.
For over a year I had saved for the cd-7 and then I had enough to buy it.
I figured I'll at least AUDITION a few players.
to make this short,I ended with the Bryston and no regrets.
To top it all off they were all plugged into a ARC ref-3.
Anyway I preferred the Bryston,but that's the best way is to
audition for YOU,as you will be the one listening for years to come,good luck.
Don't know about more expensive players, but in a recent showdown with the Bryston and Sony the Denon DCD A100 ($1500 street price) was the preferred choice. It matched the others in bass and scale but had a more neutral perspective. It didn't have the dryness of the Bryston (as described by Don_c55) and was less upfront than the Sony.