Bryston BCD-1 impressions?

Would owners of this CD player give us their impressions of its sound and performance?

Also, what they compared it with and how it stacked up against the competition?

The little press that there's been so far (a couple of paragraphs in Absolute Sound, a couple of reviews in Europe [Italy]) has been very positive, but I'm real curious to hear what Audiogoners have to say about their hands-on experiences.

Stereophile did a bunch of jitter tests on a group of CDP
to make her short the BRYSTON BCD-1 had some of the lowest jitter readings and that was with cdps costing 3-10 times as much.I guess all those perty blue lights,hefty prices and fancy covers don't give us the most important quality

I listened to the BCD-1 in direct comparison to the Levinson 390s on a pair of higher end Aerial Acoustics speakers. I consider myself a pretty critical listener. If I was makeing a purchase that day I would have picked the Bryston. I was really trying to listen for a big difference in sound, but I didn't hear any. The Levinson may have had a little more air around the sound but the Bryston was brand new and a lot less money.
I compared bcd1 with pathos digit,and meridian G08.2,had rotel 1072 before that.I liked it more,and bought it,have not look back since.Guess its all about the personal taste and synergy with rest of the system.In MHO,it seems to me that people who are not impressed with it just have no good system enaugh to actuallly hear it,and it could sound sharp to them.I listen jazz,have entry level system,krell kav 400,sonus faber grand pianos home,all wired with cardas golden reference speaker and xlr cables.Also I use running springs dmitri conditioner with mongoose cable,and two nordost valhallas power cords for amp and cd.Realy big changes and improvments can be made with power cords,but again,its matter of personal taste.
I currenlty have the Rotel RCD-1072. How did this CDP compare to the Bryston BCD-1 when you listened to both?
The best description would be is that I felt like someone
pull down the blanket from my speakers,talking about difference between rotel and bryston.I also must say that I liked rotel,and that here in europe bcd 1 is about more than 3 times(300%)expensive than the rotel.So,like I said,dont think that the player only would make the whole system 3 times more better,its just one link,but if the other stuff is capable,than it will make a difference.The final choice of player in that class is matter of personal taste,and maybe even luck and patients,because I saw many people changing their components trying to catch that
'something'.In MHO I have find out that power cables and electricity in general have such impact on sound,that I still cant belleive,and that is the last step of fine tuning,very imortant.I consider myself as a music lover, not gadget freak,I used to laugh to such stories,but its true.Unfortunetly for our budgets and peace in minds,of course.