Bryston BCD-1 Player Owners

For all Bryston BCD-1 CD player owners, how satisifed are you with your unit?

Would you recommend it or have you "upgraded" to some other CD player?
I had Bryston B60 integrated but recently purchased Musical Fidelity M6i for more power.
My speakers PSB Synchrony II are demanding & bass authority was lacking.
Howerver B60 & BCD-1 is a good combination.
I was very satisfied with my Bryston until I recently upgraded my amp and speakers. It now sounds like the week link and I'm exploring which may be the more effective upgrade path, i.e. a better one box player or adding a DAC. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Jayh31
It would be good to try and understand what about the BCD-1 makes you feel it no longer matches your system?

If you still like the sound of the Bryston you have the option of acquiring a used BDA-1 which has dual Crystal dac chips in it over the single chip in the BCD-1. When I had a BDA-1 I thought it sounded better than my friend's BCD-1.

An alternate choice would be the recently released BDA-2 dac from Bryston. More functions and most importantly they have moved from the Crystal dac chips to AKM 32 bit chips so that "should" change the sound somewhat and may get you closer to the presentation you are looking for. Upside to the BDA-2 is it should drive the prices down on used BDA-1 units as is often the case when new models come out - again this will depend on whether or not you want to still use a Bryston digital product...
I still have and use mine.
Years ago when I was hunting for a cdp I was always lusting after the ARC CD-3 mk2.
I auditioned three players MKII,arcam cd 36 and the BCD-1.
To Make it short I ended up with the Bryston and still I have no regrets whatsoever.
Truly an enjoyable piece.
I also have one of the first BDA's where I run the AES digital from the dac to cdp and also bcd-1 analog to my pre which I have two.
The 26 and Vac sig.
Switching back and for to hear the difference between the BDA-1 and BCD-1 I'm guessing at which sounds better in the BDA or BCD and I've been doing it for a few yrs.
Just a turn of the knob for the BDA or BCD so no real time between switching the two.
I like em both.
Thanks for the input Rgd. Initially, I was very excited about the immediate and obvious audible improvement to the overall sound of my system once my new amp and speakers were in place and had no intention of looking to upgrade my source. However, now that things have setteled in a bit and I've become used to what I'm hearing, it now sounds somewhat dull and lifeless, somewhat flat, lacking air, grip and resolution. I first thought of the Bryston DACs you mention until I spoke with Dave at Audio Doctor who happens to be a Bryston dealer and said that he could not recommend the Bryston products when there is much better to be had, particularly with the Chord QuteHD. Based on my system describtion, he also felt that my BCD-1 was the weak link as that techonolgy is a bit long in the tooth and did not feel that upgrading to a more advnced one box player would get me the resukts I was looking for and that a DAC was the way to go. YOur thoughts? Thanks again, Jay