Bryston or Pass Labs

Looking at the bryston 4b3 or the pass labs x-350.8 anyone has heard the two and which is the better performer?
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So this is a very interesting discussion for me. I am considering a couple of used units: A Pass 250.5 and a pair of Bryston 7b ST’s Both for the same price ($2,200) As these are used units from private sellers, sending them back because they don’t meet your expectations is not an option.  That makes finding people who have tried both very valuable.
I have read reviews of both. (And some other units)  I could not find anyone who really had anything bad to say about either.
My set up is digital source (Cambridge NSX) a tubed pre-amp (Aric Audio Transcend 6SN7) and Magnepan 1.7i loudspeakers. My current amp is a Parasound HCA2200 (Stacked Monaural amps like the 4B).

I have upgraded the power cords though I did not go crazy ($50 each) and my speaker cable is 12g oxygen free copper with banana terminations (because I move the Maggies around depending whether I am at my desk or sitting in my recliner).

What I do take away from the discussion is that moving up in technology (newer units) might be just as or more important than WPCs -- even with my power hungry Maggies.

I am going to do a reset. Even though it means the Pass will probably disappear. $2,200 for a 250.5 is a very good price.
One thing about the Pass amp that nobody mentioned: It’s gorgeous. And heavy enough to provide macho bona fides if you carry it around unaided.

I currently have the Bryston 4B3, had the 4Bsst2; I think it’s important to understand that there is quite a difference between the two versions. The new Bryston cubed (3) series is far more musical than all previous models, enough of a difference that comparing any cubed (3) series to any previous series is Not an Apples to Apples comparison!
I have dual 4bsst and do enjoy the sound but curious about pass. A x250.8 just came up for sale locally so I am thinking of getting it. I am surprised though at how many ppl on here actually prefer bryston. I previously thought pass was basically always better.