Bryston vs MBL

Im ready to buy my first set of monoblocks to use with my AR 5SE and Dynaudio Confidence C4.  Ive been waiting for a pair of MBL Reference 9007 to show up on here but none yet.  While waiting, ive been reading up on Bryston monos.  I think a used pair of 7B3 might hold me over for a few years to come if fthe MBLs dont show up second hand.  The 7B3 have plenty power and is predecessors have great reviews.  Any thougts would be greatly appreciated.  If i get Bryston, im sure ill upgrade in next 3 yrs.. If MBL might upgrade in 5 or 10 yrs.
my personal pref is BRYSTON FOR SURE
 less money, ;ess gold color stuff, i am about sound, not flashy cosmetics. not because i can't afford them now, but, because i don't see the extra cash for the box cosmetics ,

Bryston is plain jane like many amazing amps. go with Bryston over mbl  

i would choose others over the bryston thought.

but for these two get a bryston, better build, waaaay better warranty, and easier,closer if you need service.

heard nightmares about some companies and their customer service, and doing repairs (if needed)

just my 2 cents

Those are both great amplifiers but out of curiosity, why only these two brands? Pass X250.8 seems to be a favorite around here and should fit the bill.
Kalai,  I also consider Pass monos.  Bryston appealed more due to power for dollar, warranty and still have decent looks.  MBL more for curiosity and supposedly high end exotic level amps.  just really want to hear how they would sound in my system.  I am a little concerned on how the Brystons can be had second hand for almost half price?  the 7b3 are current models and asking 7k price now .  please save for me though while I do research ok???