BTO Not Fragile

I remember when I was a kid, maybe 5th or 6th grade, listening to music (vinyl) in my cousin’s basement and hearing BTO’s Not Fragile for the first time. I had heard Let It Roll and You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet on the radio but nothing else. And then only ever on a crappy clock radio or car speaker (not stereo!) My cousin had a small Pioneer-ish system with two separate speakers! Such volume! I was blown away. I could not get those songs out of my head. It was the first album I ever bought with my own money.

I’m listening to Not Fragile tonight for the first time in years. Qobuz.

I’m no longer blown away but I’m certainly not bored!

I think the band peaked with this album but in my opinion it is one heck of an album taken all together. It seems to me the band still gets a fair amount of air play on classic rock stations but they never seem to have been taken seriously artistically. I get that the music is very simple. I get that it it is more pop than actual heavy metal. But still, I rank this album right up there in my top 50 or so.

Interested in other’s thoughts.


If anyone sat down and listened to the Original US LP with a decently set up Turntable, You would be Floored with the Sonics.

I have the "Not Fragile" SHM CD of this album, and the dynamics is off the chart. The bass in the title song will shake the room. I still listen to their music. Simple, but toe tapping...



n80 OP

This thread inspired me to play it for the first time in decades. I just played it on Amazon Music HD and it sound just as good or better than the record. Actually better- no scratches or pops and excellent dynamic range!